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We are Hiring!

We are looking to fill the role of multiple jobs within our company. We do require previous asphalt experience for the listed positions below. If you have any questions, please call us at (509) 518-7809 or fill out the contact form under "contact". We are excited to hear from you! Apply today!

Email us your application today!


As a Forman you are required to over see the paving crew. Responsibilities include, but not limited to reading blue prints, coordinating jobs, understanding codes and requirements for each job, ordering and keeping track of asphalt tonnage, knowing signals for backing up asphalt trucks, running equipment and understanding the mechanics of them (bobcat, roller, paver, dump truck, and small equipment), being able to direct crew in the most efficient way to complete a job, gathering the correct equipment and supplies each morning for the full work day, scheduling proper maintenance for equipment, training and skill growth of crew, and being sure quality work is left at each and every job. 



Your main job is to look after the mat and sub grade. This will include sweeping, raking, shoveling, assisting paver and roller operators, loading and unloading equipment and tools, backing up asphalt trucks, minor assistance with servicing equipment, and  general clean up around job sites. Occasionally assisting with traffic control and setting up road signs. 


Truck Driver

 Your responsibilities include basic knowledge of manual trucks and their mechanics. You must know how to adjust brakes on the trucks. Your job will consist of driving to and from plants from the job site. With this job you’ll need to know the quickest routes to keep the work flow consistent. Hauling materials will vary from job to job which means you need to be aware of your loads weight and shifting positions at all times. Trucks needed at sites vary, you will not be limited to a dump truck, some jobs require water trucks. You’ll be expected to know the mechanics of these as well. 



You are required to know the complete operation of the paver. Responsibilities include but are not limited to loading and unloading paver, taking the correct steps to prep the paver for each job, backing up asphalt trucks, being able to create a logical plan at each job to have consistent work flow, knowing your start and finish points, cleaning and maintenance of paver, having the knowledge to pave with a variety of variables such as manholes, drains, curbs, low points, correct water flow, etc. 



As a roller operator you’ll need to know how to operator your equipment such as the compactors and roller. Have basic knowledge of the mechanics of the equipment you’ll be using. As well as having the proper technique and knowledge to successfully compact sub-grade and asphalt surfaces. You are referred to as the “finishing man” which means you need an eye for finding flaws in the mat prior to sealing. You’ll need to work closely with your laborers to tackle said flaws and find the best solution to leave quality work once complete. In addition you’ll be required to do minimal maintenance on your equipment for up-keeping.  



You’re required to know all functions and mechanics of any equipment being used at the yard or job sites. You’ll need to know how to do maintenance on all large and small equipment. This varies from compactors, jumping jacks, blowers, roller, bobcat, paver and trucks. Your job as an operator is to know how all tools and equipment run in the proper way. Whether you’re operating said equipment yourself or teaching a coworker you must be able to do so with the proper knowledge and techniques. 

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